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Evolutional theory of Jung’s archetypes:

Archetypical features in structure of social identity

Kroopkin P. L.

The article discusses the concept of K. Jung’s archetypes and their link to biological evolution. Basing on Yu. I. Semenov’s approach to anthropogenesis (a group selection in pre-human bands), the author proposes a specific mechanism which could lead to the suppression of the pre-human social model based on the behavioral dominance and to the development of a human model of sociality based on the social identity. This way of evolution results in stabilizing of a biosocial mechanism, which supports the functioning of the basic taboo regulating equal access to food, and which activity could be understood by people afterwards as influence of sacral forces creating needs in religion.

The article also discusses some universal features of the social identities that are archetypical, and shows some approaches how the developed theory could be used in public practice.

Keywords: Archetype, Group Selection, Human Evolution, Social Identity, Taboo, Religion, Yu.I. Semenov, K. Jung.

Text in Russian: http://modernity-centre.org/2010/07/27/kroopkin-115/

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