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On sacral basis of sociality

Kroopkin P. L.

Following the ideas of Durkheim, the article proposes a concept of the relationship of sociality and sacredness of people, which is based on an assumption of existence in a human brain of a sacral emotions center. This center was formed in anthropogenesis because of an evolutionary efficiency of a taboo on limitation of access to food for secondary members of a band during famine periods (which is not typical behavior of apes – our evolutionary predecessors). Initial social structure – totemic band, which appeared as a result of the formation of such an identity model of sociality, proved to be a carrier of the archetypical features of different social identities, which can be observed in the reality.

The article also presents, how a strengthening of reason – the source of Modernity – led first to the desacralization of a human being, and then to the formation of a post-secular world.

Key words: Durkheim, sacredness, sociality, social identity, origin of religions, taboo, totemic band.

Text in Russianhttp://modernity-centre.org/2011/02/13/kroopkin-124/

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